Christmas Tree Hill vs. Christmas Tree Shops (Opinion)

The most expensive nutcracker at Christmas Tree shops is $60 however the prices at Christmas Tree Hill go up to over $400.

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The most expensive nutcracker at Christmas Tree shops is $60 however the prices at Christmas Tree Hill go up to over $400.

Angelina Wilson, Editor

Does one prefer a grand store with expensive beautiful items or a cheap store with a nice atmosphere and a broader selection? Christmas Tree Hill and Christmas Tree Shops both have Christmas in the name but they are not the same. Which shop is truly the best?

Christmas Tree Shops is known to many and often has more customers and longer lines than Christmas Tree Hill during Christmastime. With a selection of fun Christmas items, along with foods, some furniture items and even bathroom supplies all for a reasonable price. 

“You come into Christmas Tree Shops and they have the cutest stuff for half the price,” said Brenda Synder, a customer. 

The store has a nice atmosphere, with a nice smell and relaxing music. However, the store layout is messy. There are no signs to point where everything is, and the items seem to be haphazardly thrown about. 

Christmas Tree Shops is also not very true to the name according to another customer. 

“I mean they have a Christmas section but they always have a seasonal section. They also have all of this other stuff that is not necessarily Christmas [themed],” they said.

However, Christmas Tree Hill sells Christmas items all year round, including very nice ornaments and different trinkets all over the store. However, the prices compared to Christmas Tree Shops go up. 

“You have the upper quality and you pay for it too,” said Synder. 

Christmas Tree Hill is also known for its rich history. This mansion has been in York for over two centuries. Many customers come into the store because of memories of what the estate used to look like. 

“Customers come in and they remember when it was a dairy farm, so it goes way back. We actually have customers that come in and say that they grew up playing with the little girl that used to live here,” manager Tanya Vankuren said 

Overall, Christmas Tree Hill is a better option to go to for beautiful scenery, quality items and a bit of history. Christmas Tree Hill is the place to go for cheaper items and more variety. When looking to explore only one store, Christmas Tree Hill is the place to go.