Four classic google games to play when you’re bored

There will always come a time when the exciting adventures and taxing stresses of life wear out and you are left with nothing to do. This may lead to extreme boredom which is not the ideal goal. However, there is a solution. Games! Located on your very own laptop, iPad or phone, these are five games that are sure to cure boredom. 



Google’s snake game is just another remake of the classic retro game from 1997. Just like the original, the user will tap the arrows to guide the snake towards the glorious red apple. When the snake eats the apple the snake will grow until it eventually runs into its tail and the player will have to restart the game. However, Google has introduced new ways of playing this game. Such as fast and slow mode, changing the speed of the snake to make the game easier or harder. There is also portal mode, where the snake can teleport through the apple along with the option to change the size of the board you are playing on and many other modifications. The options are limitless and can have your attention for hours!

Photo by Angelina Wilson. 

Cupcake 2048

You may have heard of the original 2048, combining numbers using the arrow keys starting from 2 and doubling until you reach 2048. However, cupcake 2048 has a sweet twist, as suggested by the name there are no numbers. They are all replaced by cupcakes. It’s fun to see all of the different cupcakes that you can collect, and it’s a fairly challenging game to keep your interest. 

Photo by Angelina Wilson. 


Tetris can be found via a google chrome extension and is yet another classic using arrows. Tetris starts simple and then slowly, as more blocks are added, becomes more difficult. You’re always trying to beat your score and see how long you can keep stacking the blocks, almost like a puzzle. This game is very addictive, it is so simple that you almost have to keep trying! 

Photo by Angelina Wilson. 

Pac man 

Pacman is the final game that can be found on google. You are in control of a little creature named Pacman whose only goal is to collect all of the snack pellets located in a maze. This is probably the most intense gameplay as four different ghosts are chasing you around. You just go around collecting the dots and try not to die via the ghosts. Another feature of the game is these “special dots” that allow you to take revenge on the ghosts and eat them for more points, this will make the game slightly easier for about ten seconds. There are also special snack fruits that you can collect to increase your score. Once the Pacman gets caught three times the game is over and you will receive your final score.

Photo by Noah Wardrip-Fruin.