Cycling back to 2000s fashion

Jessica Darr in the early 2000s wearing what was stylish at the time.

Photo submitted by Jessica Darr.

Jessica Darr in the early 2000s wearing what was stylish at the time.

Nadia McGuire, Staff Writer

    Trends are always changing in the fashion industry. No matter what all the rage is about, most of it comes back from other decades. Mom jeans, scrunchies, biker shorts, ripped jeans and flared pants are all trends from other years that are impacting the way people dress today. Recently the biggest trends in the 2000s have begun their cycle back into style. 

    “I think it’s funny how people have picked and choosed pieces from the 2000s that have come back.”  explained Ms. Jessica Darr, history teacher and PA fashion blogger.

    While not everything that was considered cool to wear during that time has come back in style today, some of it has and it has made an impact on everyone. One trend that has made a big comeback is Uggs. Most people wore Uggs with sweatsuits, low jeans and mini skirts  however, many people recently have been wearing low cut Uggs with leggings and jeans. Tons of people have always been Uggs fans, including Britney Spears. 

     “Britney Spears, at that time, was really at the height of her career and she was probably in her late teens, so we were the same age as each other. It felt like she was a great role model fashion wise because she was our age,”said Miss. Barett Reynolds, a Latin teacher and fashion enthusiast. 

    Celebrities have influence over what fashion trends are considered ‘cool’ or ‘stylish’. Tons of celebs have tried and successfully brought back some of the 2000s trends like, Rhianna, Bella Hadid and Dua lipa. You now can see a lot of famous individuals can be seen wearing tons of the trends that are coming back like, low cut jeans, track suits and tube tops. Celebrities influence and prominence can restart, and often do, former trends while also determining which current styles begin to cycle out. Now that more fashion idols are wearing 2000s trends again, their fans are doing the same. 

    “If you feel like a trend is going to look bad on you just go for it, be confident and it’s gonna look good. The confidence is what will look good, not the clothing,” said Reynolds.


Sophomore, Rubylynn Snyder, wears a shirt of the Rolling Stones, a popular band in the 1960s. (Photo by Nadia McGuire.)

No matter what is considered trendy at the end of the day it will always look good if you have the confidence. Fashion trends will always be recycled and reused and that’s what so many people think is the fun of it. While right now the biggest thing in the industry is the 2000s, other trends from various decades will again come and go.