Mini-THON is back to normal this year

Day 5 Mini-THON co-captain’s working hard for Mini-THON on March 12, 2022.

Rubylynn Spyker

Day 5 Mini-THON co-captain’s working hard for Mini-THON on March 12, 2022.

Rubylynn Snyder, Staff Writer

Mini-THON is back to normal for the first time since 2019. Although Central did have Mini-THON last year it definitely wasn’t the same. Captains and committee members have been hard at work since August prepping for a year to return to normal.

Last year’s Mini-THON wasn’t what we expected. Due to COVID-19, we didn’t get the event we planned on or have as many fundraising opportunities as we usually do. This year, our event is back to normal so on March 12th we will hold our event inside which will consist of games, food, fun activities, contests, and tournaments,”said junior Keegan Koncsol, the events and entertainment co-captain. 

Along with how Mini-THON is going to look different it is also a lot to do when being in the Mini-THON committee. Mini-THON isn’t all about the dance marathon in March; however the impact of fundraising goes far beyond the high school. This group has several fundraisers to help donate to the Four Diamonds Fund. The committee members main focus is raising as much funds as possible to donate to the Four Diamonds Fund. 

“To do this, we host events (babysitting night), restaurant nights, and coordinate our big Mini-Thon event. As a captain, I help to reach out to businesses for donations (food, money) and organize/plan events out, so that they are done to the best of our ability.” said co-captain of the Events and Entertainment committee and junior Kailee Heininger.

Mini-THON is a big organization to help raise money for the four diamond organizations. There are a lot of requirements to stay and attend Mini-THON even if you are or aren’t a part of the committee. 

“People that would like to attend the event need to raise $50 on their donor drive and turn in a $20 registration fee,” said Koncsol. 

There are many teachers who are involved in Mini-THON. One is Mrs. Malerie Kelly. Along with her husband Mr. Jason Kelly both who teach here at CYHS, they both advise the club and are really involved with Mini-THON. Malerie Kelly said, 

As a senior project in 2012 by Trevor Smith because Central didn’t have a Mini-THON where most schools do.”

Mini-THON is a place where the committee members come together and wish for a safe space and a place to help raise awareness for the Four Diamonds Fund. 

“I joined Mini-Thon to help ease the financial burdens of families. My goal in Mini-Thon is to allow families to dedicate their full attention to their child,” explained Heininger. 

Although Mini-THON is fast approaching on March 12. The constant fundraising effort is back and better than ever. The Mini-THON committee and others attending are overly excited for this event and cannot wait to start dancing on March 12.