Get to know the ASVAB

Chase Brosend, Editor

The ASVAB test is becoming more beneficial and popular for students preparing for the future. Get to know the many perks that come with this opportunity. 

The ASVAB (Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery Test) is a requirement needed to qualify for the U.S. military. A number of students from Central take this test to prepare themselves for their military futures. Students looking into a military career will greatly benefit from this test. 

“It is a good idea for occupation alone; you have to take it for the military,” said guidance counselor Mr. Robert High. 

The test is made up of ten areas with time requirements varying for each. Theses sections consist of; general science (GS), arithmetic reasoning (AR), word knowledge (WK), paragraph comprehension (PC), mathematics knowledge (MK), electronics information (EI), auto information (AI), shop information (SI), mechanical comprehension (MC) and assembling objects (AO). 

“It mainly focuses on math and verbal skills,” explained High. 

Each type of military branch has their own scoring requirements in order to qualify.  Scores of 31 will qualify for the Army, 32 for Marines, 35 for Navy, 36 for Air Force and 40 for Coast Guard. 

The ASVAB isn’t limited to only JROTC students, or ones looking to go enroll in the Military. Taking this test does not require students to join the army or even talk to a recruiter. This test can be a substitute for the Keystones, it is recommended that people who aren’t so good at taking tests try this one. 

The Military has a lot more jobs than a lot of people think, there are tons of non-combat positions available. Taking the ASVAB can help get people where they want to be and construct career paths.

“You don’t have to worry about Ketones if you score a 31,” announced High. 

Any upcoming 10, 11 or 12 graders should consider taking this test as it has many great benefits and possible careers from it. Including medical, combat, mechanical and electronic positions in different military branches. This doesn’t limit to only military career paths, the ASVAB test scores can greatly benefit careers that don’t involve the military at all. 

“It opens up opportunities for jobs in the future, especially for anyone looking for a military position,” said JROTC student Sofia Blagg. 

Any students looking to take a more unconventional and potentially more beneficial test then the Keystones should consider the ASVAB. High school is the time to start considering the future, the ASVAB is certainly a stepping stone to get students where they want to be. Next spring this opportunity will be presented to the school once again for anyone interested. If not, it will also be available anytime at Military Entrance Testing Stations (METS) or at a Military Processing Station (MEPS).