Meet the new leaders of the Earth Savers


Connor Ream

The Earth Savers are relieved that their legacy will be carried onto next year with so many hard-working members. The club could not have imagined this many members just a year ago.

Jayden Burnside, Editor

The Earth Savers Club is a staple club in Central York High School (CYHS), being around for almost four years. With many of its founding members graduating this year, the club looks forward to welcoming new members as leaders in future years. 

The club itself was started in August 2018 by brothers Aaron and Elijah Kibler. Both of them had a strong passion for helping the environment and supporting the school. Despite the bittersweetness of graduation, they are excited about who the future leaders for next year will be.

“I’m happy with our selection of new leaders. They all are hardworking individuals and I think they’ll work well leading the club,” said club president and senior Aaron Kibler.

The future leaders were decided in February 2022 by a vote from the members of the club. The future club president is sophomore, Zachary Smith. Smith is one of the most diligent members of the club, as he spends much of his personal time volunteering and helping out the club. Most who volunteer use it for National Honors Society hours, but Smith does it just out of the goodness of his heart. 

“It feels quite rewarding to become the next club president,” said Smith, “I hope to create some changes to the club while keeping the same principles as the ones that were previously set.”

On top of keeping the club running smoothly, Smith hopes to branch out into new regimens. He hopes to support other things than just plastic lids. His main focus for next year is cleaning up Codorus Creek.

“I hope to branch the club out more. Help out with waste inside and outside of school,” said Smith.

Smith will have a hard time accomplishing such a big task on his own, so he has some backup; the members of the club also voted in junior Layla Pickel as vice president of the club. Despite only being a member for one year, she still is enthusiastic about saving the Earth and protecting the environment. While Smith handles more of the big projects, Pickel plans on keeping the bottle caps portion of the club running smoothly so the club can work on replacing all the picnic tables at Central York Middle School.

“It’s super exciting to help and guide such a large group of students who are passionate about the same things I am passionate about,” said Pickel.

While the club president and vice president positions were voted for, the chief financial officer (CFO) and club secretary positions were awarded to students in the club who current leaders felt earned them. The CFO position was given to junior Michelle Lam, as she helped run most of the financials of the Earth Savers for the past year. Compared to the previous CFO, Lam has worked much harder and given much more of her time to the club. 

“I am really looking forward to trying to bring something different to Earth Savers. We have the ability to introduce more ideas and get full club participation,” said Lam.

Lastly, Madeleine Hendell was awarded the position of club secretary. After expressing much interest in bookkeeping and keeping the club organized, she was given the role. As the secretary, Hendell will give updates to club members and keep track of who all show up during meetings.

“I am very thrilled to have such an amazing and eventful opportunity to help the environment,” said Hendell.

Overall, it seems things are looking up for the Earth Savers. It is a relief for current club leaders, as well as the club advisor that this club’s legacy will live on for a few more years within CYHS.