Mr. Fitzgerald’s journies to Central


Photo submitted by Mr. Christopher Fitzgerald

“Accents and food portions [were the hardest things to get used to]. Americans eat lots,” said Fitzgerald.

Chase Brosend, Editor

One of the newer faces in the lower 500 hallway this year is that of health teacher Mr. Christopher Fitzgerald. Many know him for his friendliness and teaching style in the classroom, but his journey to Central is what most don’t know. 

Fitzgerald lived in England until he was 17 before he moved to Germany while serving with the British army. He lived four years in Germany, then he moved back to England. Finally in 2007, when Fitzgerald was 27, he made the decision to move to the United States. 

“I am not a citizen but a permanent resident [in the U.S.]. The process involves large fees, lots of paperwork, biometrics, background checks and renewal every 10 years,” explained Fitzgerald. 

Fitzgerald’s love for the game of soccer (fútbol) is the real reason he came to the U.S. in the first place. His commitment to the game is what led him to meet new faces and visit new places. 

“I came to work coaching soccer for a summer. I was promoted into a management role shortly after which gave me a longer contract,” Fitzgerald said. 

Fitzgerald is happy at Central; he enjoys teaching and making personal connections to all of his students. He had taught at Cumberland Valley and Harrisburg for a year each before. For it just being his first year at Central he has met many new colleagues and formed connections with students. 

“I hope to stay here in the long term. I really like the atmosphere here and really believe in the students, staff and admin,” said Fitzgerald. 

Although Fitzgerald enjoys teaching, he has had a wide variety of occupations, including some thrilling jobs that have given him a few scars and many good stories to tell his colleagues and students.

“I was a Communications Specialist and motorcycle display rider in the military, soccer coach, soccer business owner and a director of a non-profit in the US,” said Fitzgerald. 

Central has equipped Fitzgerald with a great opportunity to teach high school students and get to know the teaching curriculum better. This will better prepare him for the next steps in his young career. 

“I plan to pursue a masters degree in school administration. I [will] look to become an assistant principal or AD (athletic director) and coach soccer again in the future,” Fitzgerald explained. 

Fitzgerald is valued by all of his students; they enjoy being around him and feel at ease learning because of his charming personality and teaching style.

“I like Mr. Fitzgerald because he is very friendly and always makes my morning better by greeting me with a smile,” explained junior Alex Wills who is part of Fitzgerald’s CLC. 

Fitzgerald’s first year to this point has flowed very smoothly, he looks to continue to teach kids and push them to the best of their ability. Although he had an atypical journey to Central, everyone is grateful to have him a part of this school.