CYPA producing stars


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Back stage preparation including sets,sound and lights all play a vital part in a smooth running musical.

Arianna Brown, Staff Writer

    While CYHS is known for their all-star athletes committing to colleges for football, basketball, track, and other sports, there are all-stars in other departments as well, who see the bright lights of Broadway in their future. From actors to crew, most have big dreams.

    “I do see theater in the future,” said Zakky Smith. “Obviously, it would be a dream come true to be able to perform on Broadway, but realistically, I see theater as a hobby for me.” 

    Smith has been in almost every musical and show since his freshman year. As a Senior, he is one of the older male leaders in the production of “Newsies.”

     “Usually, because I have had more experience with shows, my abilities in certain aspects are possibly a bit more developed than those younger than me.” Smith states. “ I also help the newer members fit in, and will go over anything they need just to get them comfortable.”

    Incoming freshmen, that are new to high school productions, and have the skill set qualified for these roles, have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams in theater production.

    “Not many people doubt my skills; however, like many others, self doubt does come into play!” freshman Olivia Williams exclaims. “I plan on joining CYPA in future years! I love the family bond that is formed and it is an amazing way to show your creativity without having to worry about judgment!”

    Building a base to stand on for future years in the CYPA takes experience and hard work over time, especially for the students who do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Including roles such as construction, stage crew, and backstage crew. 


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“I’ve always found the behind the scene stuff to be more interesting.” sophomore Killian Lehr says. “Starting next year I will be the assistant stage manager, and from what I’ve done already behind the scenes stuff is really fun and I plan on sticking with it.”