Outer Banks renewed for a fourth season


Photo from Getty Images.

The cast celebrated the announcement by holding up the fours.

Cecilia Carrero, Co-Editor-in-Chief

     Outer Banks season three was re- leased Feb 23. Before the show was released Netflix held an event called Poguelandia at Huntington Beach in California Feb 18. During the event the cast announced that the show has been renewed for a season four. The official plot of season four has not yet been released, but it can be assumed that the pogues will be searching for Blackbeard’s treasure. During the final minutes of season 3 the crew are given a captains log wich used to belong to the legendary pirate. The pogues are asked to help find the treasure and of course they accept.

     “I am so excited for the fourth season. The finally of the third season gave us a little hint that tells us what the fourth season will be about and I can’t wait to watch it, ” said junior Maddison Martz.

Outer Banks season one came out in 2020 and is still just as popular three years later.