Students and staff receive New Macbook Airs


Photo by Cecilia Carrero.

The students were supposed to receive their new laptops the week of Feb 6, but the scheduling did not work out.

Cecilia Carrero, Co-Editor-in-Chief

     The students and staff are reviving new Macbook Airs during the month of February and they are the talk of the halls, students are ecstatic about the new technology. In 2016 the school district provided the high school students Macbooks and from middle school down to elementary school students acquired Ipads. The Administrators decided that the students and staff should get new laptops because the ones the students and staff currently have are getting old. The cost to repair the old laptops is too high. 

     Student, and staff are getting the Macbook Air 13” M1 2020 model. There are many computers the administration could have chosen but they chose Macbooks for several reasons.

     “We are basically an apple school. The teachers have them so [admin] want the students to have the same thing as the teachers,” said the school technology specialist Mr. Savard. “We have a lot of things that don’t work on Chrome books, like we can’t do adobe photoshop on a Chrome book… it needs to be a real computer.” 

     The administration has been working on getting the new Macbooks since the beginning of the school year. When the lease was up on the laptops the students currently have, the plan was to get new Macbooks either this year or next.

     The school is exchanging about 2,300 old Macbooks for new ones at about $1.8 million. There are many aspects that go into the process of getting new Macbooks for an entire student body and staff.

     “[The school had to] jump through a lot of hoops. Get the truck here, find a place to lock them up and keep them safe,” said Mr. Savard.” The big process is getting every single laptop tied to a student, getting their sticker on there and signing every single student into one.” 

     The students are getting new laptops in the middle of the school year because it is easier to distribute the laptops while all the students are in the building It also gives the administration the rest of the school year to fix anything that may be wrong with the laptops. Even though the seniors are still in school they will not be receiving new laptops. 

     “I’m honesty fine with not getting [a new laptop]. I’m about to graduate soon so I’d have to give it back anyway,” said senior class president Devon Marsh.

     The Administration made the decision to not give the seniors new laptops because they will be leaving in less than three months. They do not want to go through the process of assigning the seniors to a new laptop and then having to sign them out. The decision was made to hold off and give the new laptops to the incoming class of 2027. 

Some teachers in the building were already provided new computers at the start of this school year. Even they will be receiving new Macbooks which are a lot stronger. So the teachers laptops will become loners for the students who forgot theirs at home or are having theirs repaired.