Epilepsy awareness needs more awareness


Photo submitted by Rachel Lamison.

Audrey Rutkowski(left) Rachel Lamison(middle) and Zachary Damazo(right) right after completing their schoology page.

Rachel Lamison, Staff Writer

Due to the short numbers, the epilepsy awareness club needs help raising awareness for those who suffer with epilepsy. 

Epilepsy is a disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures. One in Twenty six people can be diagnosed with epilepsy in their lifetime, according to Healthline. 

Although the club used to have more participation, the past few years have been slow due to every turn from COVID.

“A couple years ago the club was booming with students,” said advisor and Guidance Counselor Mr. Zelinka.

Currently three members of the club are freshmen Zachary Damazo, Audrey Rutkowski and Rachel Lamison. They signed up for the club after Lamison suggested they join her in spreading awareness.

“I hope it will expand to great lengths and it will be a fun and educational club,” stated Damazo.

Members focus on spreading awareness by making flyers to put around the school, but also increasing membership and participation.

Hopefully we’ll get more people and move into a bigger space and work on bigger projects,” says Rutkowski. 

Rutkowski also encourages students to visit their schoology page and look at the resources made by former members of the club. Recent graduate and epileptic Meagan Young, who also had a designated service dog due to her disease, served as inspiration to the three young members and participated in gathering resources used today.

“I don’t know much about the history but I hope the club will expand and make epilepsy more common knowledge in the human mind,” says Damazo.

The club meets every day five in the guidance office with Mr. Zelinka. Anyone is able to join the club whether they suffer from epilepsy or not. Members participate in solving fidget puzzles, use stress relieving toys and continue to educate one another.

“I hope it will expand to great lengths and it will be a fun and educational club,” stated Damazo.