PARU highlights woman of CYHS

Veronica Langrehr, Co-Editor-in-Chief

    For Women’s History Month Central’s Panther Anti-Racist Union (PARU) highlighted, on their Instagram, the women teachers of our school. They highlighted Patricia Jackson, Tara Goodrich, Brandy Detwiler, Kimberly Hoke  and Stacey Seitz for their contribution to the community and their influence on students. 

    They asked the teachers why they chose teaching as well as what advice they would give to younger female students currently in school. 

    “Hang in there, enjoy high school for all that it offers you. Do not keep wishing your days away. Live in the moment, enjoy small accomplishments each day, make memories,” said Hoke. 

    The club aimed to show appreciation for the staff at CYHS and highlight powerful women. 

    The club made a statement on their Instagram, “We want to celebrate all the wonderful women that make up PARU, CYSD and the entire York community. You all are the change-makers, future builders and inspiration.”