The infamous singer of heartbreak has returned

Athena Swords, Editor

Photo by Wikipedia.

The country to pop singer that we all know and may love, Taylor Swift, has given the world another heartfelt album. This album goes by the name of “Lover” and has 18 songs on its lineup.

While I could sit here and name every song with my opinions on each one, I don’t think that’s something everyone wants to read. For this article, there will just be my top five with my thoughts on each one.

Number five on my list is “Soon You’ll Get Better.” In this song, the main idea is hiding feelings because Swift feels that she absolutely has to get better.

She paints the walls in neon and brightens up the sky to attempt getting past the reality of the hurt she feels. This is a sad song, but that’s okay because that’s what I wanted.

It would not be a Taylor Swift album without a sad song.

Next up, “Cornelia Street” is about a street being associated with a relationship. Throughout the song, Swift talks about how she would never be able to walk Cornelia Street again if she lost him.

It’s a catchy song that is easily relatable. Anyone in a relationship has at least one place that reminds them of that person that they love or once loved. The amount of heartbreak makes that place unbearable after that relationship ends.

It’s another subject that isn’t always touched on in music, and yet it’s one that a majority of the world will feel at one point or another.

Ranking as number three is “London Boy.” This song hits on the idea of falling for a foreign lover. In her case, it’s a boy from London. This is an interesting approach to a love song. The lyrics reference both American and English terms and places.

Swift says how much she loves her home in America, but she loves London because that’s where her heart is. London Boy is catchy, fun and I absolutely fancy this song.

Next comes “Paper Rings.” This is a song about loving someone so much that you are willing to give up your glitz and glam to marry them with paper rings.

Paper Rings is catchy, cheesy and perfectly a classic Taylor Swift song. No not everyone likes this side of her, but personally, this is what I look forward to every album.

Before reading my top pick, here are some honorable mentions: “False God,” “Death By A Thousand Cuts,” “Lover” and “You Need To Calm Down.”

Finally, the song taking my number one spot is “It’s Nice To Have A Friend.” This song is just a fun song about loving to have a friend around to rely on.

This song isn’t sad and depressing, but it’s also not a song to dance to at a party. It’s a perfectly slow song that feels calming with its message. It’s paying homage to a friend that you love dearly and all of your good times together.

There aren’t a lot of songs that touch on this feeling, and I can truly appreciate that emotion of love for a friendship being appreciated.

I love this entire album as much as her other pop albums, but these were the songs that stuck out when listening.

I positively recommend streaming Lover by Taylor Swift.