Panther Perspective: Central’s Thanksgiving traditions

Maddie Davis, Staff Writer

When thinking about Thanksgiving, the first thing that some people think of are traditions. Each family does different things to make their holidays special. 

Does your family have Thanksgiving Traditions?

“My family does an annual family football game. It me and my brothers, and then my dad is all time quarterback. My grandma comes and cheers us on.” – Joseph Musti (Grade 12) 

Do you go out of town for Thanksgiving?

“My family and I travel to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving. We travel there early in the morning on Thanksgiving, then stay there till around 10 o’clock at night. My mom’s family lives down there, so it is always fun to visit them.” – Riley Nace (Grade 9)

What special foods do you eat on Thanksgiving?

“The special foods I eat on Thanksgiving are homemade apple pie, and sweet potato casserole. My grandma makes the homemade apple pie, and my mom makes the sweet potato casserole. These foods are what make me most excited for Thanksgiving.” -Emily Fohl (Grade 12)

What is your least favorite food that you eat on Thanksgiving?

“My least favorite food on Thanksgiving is stuffing balls because they are flavorless.” Matthew Carns (Grade 6, Sinking Springs-Mrs.Cushatt)

What is a tradition that your family has that you dislike?

“A tradition that my family does on Thanksgiving that I dislike is preparing the turkey. I usually do this with my mom. I think that touching and helping my mom put stuffing in the raw turkey is disgusting and by far the worst part.” – Ava Myers (Grade 10)

What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?

“My favorite foods to eat on Thanksgiving are ham, mashed potatoes and corn.” – Mitchel Myers (Grade 8)

Do you watch the Thanksgiving parade? What is your favorite part?

“I do watch some of the Thanksgiving parade. While the parade is going on, I am getting ready to go Hummelstown to my husband’s uncle’s house. I wish I could watch the whole parade. My favorite part is the big balloon floats, especially the Snoopy one.” – Mrs. Carfagno      (Central York High School Staff Member)

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

“My favorite part about Thanksgiving is definitely eating all of the food. But most importantly, mashed potatoes and corn bread.” -Sophie Wade (Grade 6, North Hills-Mrs.Bohannon)

Is watching football a part of your Thanksgiving tradition?

“Yes, for Thanksgiving my dad’s side of the family comes to my house from Pittsburgh. We watch a lot of football and hockey during the week that they are visiting.” -Andrew Bercik (Grade 11)