Are Hallmark movies overrated?

Ava Juiliano, Staff Writer

The Hallmark Channel is an American pay television network, owned by Crown Media Holidays. The Hallmark channel is filled with cheesy romantic movies. However, some may beg to differ. In fact, Hallmark as some of the most popular holiday movies around. 

Bailey Lentz, Central York High sophomore School student says, “They all end the same way.”

From “My Christmas Love,” to “When Calls The Heart Christmas,” every single Hallmark Christmas movie has a woman or man trying to find a loving partner to spend Christmas with. Their partner ends up being a doctor that they saw in the hospital, or a man that picked up her green beans that fell on the floor in the grocery store. 

The channel first started off as a Christian program called, the American Christian Television System. In 1993 the network was renamed as the Faith and Values Channel. 

Hallmark movies are often centered on an event that happened to be family oriented. 

The main or only plot of the movie is about the family dynamic one way or another. Most kids in their teenage years do not watch the Hallmark Christmas classics by themselves but rather with a family member. “I most often watch the Hallmark Christmas movies with my mom and grandma,” Lentz said.

Lentz feels she would still choose a Christmas classic, like “Home Alone” or “The Grinch” over the Hallmark ones, but she would definitely put the Hallmark Christmas movies in second place. 

“I honestly do not think the Hallmark Christmas movies are not overrated, I think they do a great job in their production,” she said. 

While the movies might all end the same way, Lentz feels like they still all have some type of different story, and still bring happiness to the families that watch them.