Aevidum destress sesh and future plans

Erin Langrehr, Staff Writer

Recently Aevidum club hosted destress sesh events  on Feb. 5 & 6 to raise awareness on mental health and it’s overall importance, especially to high school students.

Through months of planning, Aevidum was able to get together and hold two sessions. Dedicated to mental health awareness and ways to reduce stress post finals here at central. During each session there were various board games and card games. These include Uno, Apples to Apples, Jenga, Scrabble, and more. 

There were also mini games with prizes and coloring stations for people to participate in. One surprise on the first day was that there was a therapy dog walking around that people could pet. Some other bonuses for those who attended were free food and drinks. 

“The event took about two months to plan. We’ve been planning it since December,” said senior Alex Landis. 

There were a little over 30 people signed up for the session on the first day. 

“We weren’t expecting a lot of people but we did our best and some people came.” said Landis

During the event, the most popular game was Apples to Apples.There were mostly underclassmen attending and most of them said that their favorite part was the food. The kinds of food and drinks included various cookies and chips as well as water bottles.

“My favorite thing is the coloring,” said freshman Alexis Garhart

So far Aevidum’s future plans include March messages at lunch. These are little custom messages in shapes of four leaf clovers and pots of gold for the students to write a message on. They will be sold in the spring during all lunches. They also come with candy and would be delivered during CLC. 

 “Other plans for Aevidum are just doing the destress packages, take care sessions and recruiting new members for next year,” According to Advisor (first name) Hersey

 “ We are also going to do Move the Pride again this school year at the end of the year,” Advisor (first name) Koplitz added. 

Move the Pride is an event held at the end of the year where the students from all grade levels except graduated seniors get to preview their classes for the next year. This helps students be more comfortable with their classes for the upcoming school year.

Overall Aevidum’s event was a success and they look forward to a more successful event the second time around.