Tracking the Coronavirus around the world

Tysha Burrell, Editor

Since our last update, 614 official cases have been reported and as of Feb. 28, 2020, 83,700 cases have been reported worldwide. While the western hemisphere and most of Africa are relatively safe, the majority of cases live on the east side of the world. Middle Eastern countries began to isolate themselves from countries such as Iran. Japan begins to close schools in preparation for an outbreak. 

March 4- 

  • California declares a state of emergency after death is reported.
  • Confirmed cases reach 93,000, while only 3,198 of those resulted in death.

March 3- 

  • A French man gave Senegal its first reported case.
  • China’s rate of reported cases starts to slowly decline.
  • South Korea’s cases boost to 4,182 as they report 600 new cases.

March 2- 

  • The U.S death toll rises to six. Five of them are from Washington.
  • Wuhan, the origin of the outbreak, has close one of its 16 hospitals that is dedicated to Coronavirus patients. They closed their doors after their last patient recovered.
  • A member of the World Health Organization has tested positive for the virus.
  • The amount of confirmed cases reaches 89,000. The death toll rises to 3,000.

March 1- 

  • New York reports it’s first case. A 39-year-old woman from Manhattan tested positive after her trip from Iran.
  • The United States reports second death in Washington. The man was in his 70’s and had other medical conditions.
  • A 35-year-old man from Thailand dies. He was previously sick. This is Thailand’s first reported death.

February 29- 

  • The United States reports first death, however, the man was 50-years-old and has other health conditions.
  • italy’s cases continue to grow as it reaches over 1,000. Their death toll is currently 29.
  • Mexico reports its first two cases.

February 28- 

  • An Italian man that arrived in Lagos, Nigeria tested positive, as a result, this is Nigeria’s first confirmed case. 
  • The global death toll reaches 2,850

February 27- 

  • The death toll reaches 2,800. 
  • A Japanese woman who recovered from the virus on Feb. 1, tested positive for a second time. 
  • The United States reports its first case from an unknown source. While it is suspected to come from person-to-person contact, they do not know for sure where exactly it came from. 

February 26- 

  • South Korea reports even more cases. As a result, the Republic of Korea -US Alliance postponed their military training. 
  • Romania, Pakistan, Norway, Georgia, North Macedonia and Greece report first cases. 

February 25- 

  • The death toll jumps to 2,700. As Japan’s death toll rises to four, they ask schools to shut down temporarily even if there are no reported cases in the school.
  •  Iran’s deputy health minister announces that he has been infected with the virus. 

February 24- 

  • County’s around Iran such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan close their borders. Even though they closed their borders to Iran and Afghanistan, confirm their first cases.

February 23

  • The United Kingdom’s Department of Health and Social Care confirmed four additional cases. That brought their total amount of reported cases to 13.

February 22– 

  • The amount of cases in South Korea increases by 229. This is the largest spike that the country has dealt with.