Here’s what you need to know about the political climate and the election


Nearly 70% of Americans believe that the American political climate has become more angry and bad tempered over time. Photo by Statistica.

Malorie Lanni, Staff Writer

Today’s political climate is a harsh environment with many issues rooted deep within it. Differing opinions have our nation divided, minorities are facing discrimination and peoples voices are being silenced. 

The upcoming 2020 election is a way for things to change by voting and making sure that everyone’s voice is heard, as it is so important for the wellbeing of the American citizens. In today’s political climate, it is incredibly important to vote to ensure that people’s voices can be heard. 

In the United States today, differing opinions on political matters divide people, often by demographics such as age, race, sexuality, income, etc. Many times this is because some people do not deal with the same struggles such as discrimination, finances, respresentation, etc. Issues like these can dictate what the daily life of many citizens is like, as for minorities they may face these struggles daily, while others may not. Due to this, the political climate in the United States has become a hostile environment. This is so important in this election as these differences have been elevated and disputes have escalated. Whichever candidate is elected will decide how these matters are handled.

The two main candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, identify with different political parties and have different views and opinions on many pressing matters in today’s political climate. Some of the key issues that they respond differently to are LGBTQ+ rights, mask mandates, foreign policies, healthcare and women’s reproductive rights. All of these things affect the American citizens, though it may affect them differently them depending on their demographic. Due to this, it is especially important for the people involved and affected to vote, to make sure that their voices are heard, and not overlooked by a candidate that does not agree with them, whether it be a left or right wing candidate. 

In addition to this, each individual has a voice of their own, which can be shared by voting for which candidate they most agree with, and/or feel like would be best for the United States. By not voting, one is not sharing their voice, and is not representing themselves in the election, thus the outcome of the election is no longer completely representative of the people, or how the political climate and the election will affect them.