Two future business leaders

Angelina Wilson, Editor

Students from Central’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club have competed in the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC). Ten students from Central York school district (CYSD) have even gotten the opportunity to move on to the State Leadership Conference. 

Junior Sarah Gao who goes to CYSD earned first place on the RLC test, and is moving on to states. She decided to take her test on management and decisions which was chosen by her and her partner. Gao explained that the state-level competition will give her a scenario or problem based on what category she chooses, and she will have to figure out what to do. 

Recognized participants have the opportunity to win scholarships as well as other educational programs. There are many different scholarships that have specific criteria to earn. However, the number of rewards, and how much money is given depends on how many yearly contributions there are to the FBLA scholarship fund. 

FBLA has a competition every year, which is mainly for learning business skills and knowledge. There are also some business conferences where students in FBLA can go to learn more about business. Gao has always been a very motivated person who strives to do her best.

“I always wanted to do well, and that goes with how FBLA runs,” says Gao.

She has been in FBLA for two years and has gone to one of the state conferences. While Gao enjoys FBLA, she still wants to go into the medical field to develop medicine and vaccines. Junior Kaitlyn Naylor, however, does want to pursue a business related career. 

I like working with the numbers and seeing how it operates,” Naylor says. 

Naylor has also competed in the (RLC), but she decided to go into accounting this year. She has taken multiple business classes and plans for a future career in business, accounting, or finance. She competed in this competition last year and did make it into states, but she did not move on to nationals. Due to COVID-19, the state-level competition will be open note, so Naylor is excited for her chance this year. She has been trying to decide which category of business she wants to pursue.

“That’s kind of why I joined FBLA,” says Naylor. 

These two students are going to move on the states competition, and possibly into nationals. Wish them luck, along with the many others from this school who have competed and made it into states. Wish them luck as they go on into the business world.