Amusement parks still facing COVID-19 restrictions

Cecilia Carrero, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Over the summer amusement parks and other entertainment venues are normally packed with people. But due to COVID-19 that has sadly changed. Amusement parks like Dorney Park, Six Flags, Hershey Park and even larger amusement parks such as Universal Studios and Disney World have all changed due to  COVID-19 restrictions. Live shows have also been affected by COVID-19. 

Wearing a mask in an amusement park can be a pain. The hot sun and all the walking can make it very hard to breathe while wearing a mask.  While some are requiring you to wear a mask inside, not all parks require masks outside. They are leaving that choice up to visitors. 

Along with masks another thing parks did due to COVID-19 was enforcing social distancing in the lines. There are marks on the ground in each of the lines to show where people are supposed to stand. Of course everyone did not fit on the markings but they were advised to still keep a safe distance from other parties. Although it’s not mandatory to social distance, Universal Studios states

We are encouraging all guests to follow social distancing guidelines and keep a safe distance between their travel party and others when possible.”

Guests attending parks continue to have questions regarding cleaning frequency and the need for reservations. While Hersheypark wouldn’t comment on how often their parks are sanitised, they did confirm their commitment to health and safety,

“Our company continues to maintain our enhanced cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection standards, which meet or exceed established industry guidelines.”

Additionally, reservations are no longer required to get into amusement parks. 


Amusement parks are not the only entertainment affected by Covid, the live show Disney on ice was also strongly affected by it. Disney on ice stated,

“To support the safety and wellness of our performers and crew, Feld Entertainment has temporarily halted Disney On Ice character experiences, including guest interactions and meet and greets.”

Now that all the character interactions are coming back, face masks are strongly recommended and depending on the state they could be mandated. As of right now the seating will not be socially distanced but that could change.