Are Samsungs better then IPhones


The two phones come in a couple of different colors.

Cecilia Carrero, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The rivalry between Samsung and IPhone has been going on for three years. Maybe even a little longer. Most people already know which one they choose. You have your Apple fans who have most likely had Apple since the beginning. Then you have you Samsung lovers who love the new inventions.When you look at the both of them they have similarities, but they have a lot of differences. For example the price difference, phone size and shape and the way they operate. 

When looking at the two phones you may guess that the Samsung is more expensive. Maybe because it is bigger and has more cameras, but the Iphone is actually more expensive. Just looking at the Iphone you may think that it is over priced. If you are a long term apple user then you might overlook the price. Although Samsungs are far from being cheap they have way more options to choose from. 

If you put the newest IPhone (IPhone 13) and the newest Samsung (Galaxy s21)side by side you will see that Samsung is much bigger. Some people prefer a smaller phone because it is easier to carry around. Others prefer a bigger phone. As the two phone companies progressed the screen on the phone has gotten bigger and bigger. The two phones both have a full screen.  To most people those qualities do not matter. What matters to them is how it operates.  

When it comes to comparing how iOS and Android operate. iOS seems to be more simple than Android. When a new iOS update comes out the old phones start to break down. The same thing happens when a new phone comes out. Iphones are smaller than most Samsung phones, so if you prefer a smaller phone then the Iphone is the way to go.  Another difference is how long the device lasts.  While Samsung phones usually come with 3-4 years of software support, iPhones can easily last for 5-6 years. 

You are able to customize both of the phones in your own way. There is no right or wrong choice, it is up to what you prefer.