Real-life Squid Games


Photo by Netflix

A still photo from the show ‘Squid Game’.

Bella Christensen, Editor

The newly released Netflix series, “Squid Game, a South Korean television series, has inspired fans to be involved in their own games. The show includes people of great financial debt who are involved in multiple games and are not aware that they were playing for their lives while trying to win a huge sum of cash. Players who lost during the challenges, unfortunately, had their lives taken from them. At the end of the game, the player or players who remain walk away with the money. 

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, the Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates had hosted a KCC Squid Game Event, where 30 fans were intrigued to be involved in the games. 

About 300 people decided to sign up for the Abu Dhabi tournament reported The National News. During this event, the players were all divided into groups of 15. The games then lasted as two one-hour and 45-minute sessions. The players who traveled to the cultural center got to play four of the six games. These games included Red Light, Green Light; marbles game; Dalgona candy challenge and Ddakji (how you play this game, is you throw folded paper tiles at the ground and try to flip the paper over).

To make the “real-life” Squid Game feel real, the participants dressed in numbered green and white jerseys. Also, the organizers wore black fencing masks and a bright pink hazmat suit, of which looked exactly like what the “Squid Game” guards wore during the show. 

Another place hosted their own games as well, the St. Johns Hotel in Gangwon-do Province, South Korea. They announced over Instagram that they would be holding their own “Squid Game” event Oct. 24th. This will be a one-day event that includes four rounds of the same games as Abu Dhabi except for tug of war. Similar to the Netflix show, players will be eliminated if they lose or break the rules during any of the games. Also, the first-place winner of the event will reportedly win 5 million dollars.