Two new teachers are joining Central this year

Brian strathmeyer was on a walk in the woods with his wife and his three dogs

Brian Strathmeyer

Brian strathmeyer was on a walk in the woods with his wife and his three dogs

Kiley Wilson, Staff Writer

Kody Reeser was on a walk with his dog (Kody Reeser)

Central has two new teachers joining this year, Kody Reeser a health/gym teacher, and Brian Strathmeyer, a science teacher. They started at central this year on Aug 18th, 2021. This is their first year teaching. Reeser and Strathmeyer like their job and have fun teaching kids.

Reeser teaches his students about physical activity, fitness, chronic disease, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. His students like his class because he makes his lessons fun. Reeser helps the students when they need it.

Reeser has been teaching for two months. He said he started teaching because he was influenced by his own teachers. He wanted to start teaching to influence people like his teaches did for him and he wanted to help others as his teachers did. Reeser said that family and friends also influenced him.

 “A lot of teachers influenced me in a good way so I wanted to influence others,” said Reeser. Reeser got his degree from Towson University. He figured out he wanted to be a teacher his freshman year in college.

 “I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do going into college, but after I got into the education realm in college, I knew there was no looking back! I have had many teachers that were beneficial in my life which have allowed me to see the great sides of being an educator!” Reeser said The first couple of months “have been pretty hectic but a great learning experience.” He likes the school spirit he sees in the hallways and he likes how he had a warm welcome from all of the students, administration, and staff. 

“I love the school spirit that I see around the halls. I also have appreciated the warm welcome by students, staff, and administration. I have also learned that every day is a great day to be a panther!” Reeser decided to come to the Central School District because he thinks that it is a great school district. He likes that the students have a good school district where they have amazing opportunities.

Moving on, Brian Stratemeyer is a science teacher. He has been a substitute teacher for Central in the past but this is his first year being a full-time teacher. He got his degree from Penn State University and graduated with a science degree. He is happy as a teacher because he loves helping the students.

“I had some influences, I enjoyed my high school physics teacher and swim coach both pushed me to be a better person and to do my best.” Strathmeyer choose this career because he was also influenced by his teachers and he liked the idea of pushing the students to do their best, although He never wanted to be a teacher. However, his mom always thought that he was going to be a teacher. 

“My mom always thought I was going to be a teacher but I didn’t want to do that because I wanted to build robots and it wasn’t until college that I found out how important it was to build people’s future.”

Both teachers are having a great time at Central and they are glad to be a panther. They love how they had a warm welcome and they love how they get to be a teacher here at central. They like how they get to be here helping the students learn and they like how they get to see the students grow and become better at what they do. They like seeing the students go after their passion and they get to see what the student becomes.