Food options limited


Photo by Clayton Cox.

Out of the six lines in the CYHS cafeteria, the district can only effectively staff a few.

Clayton Cox, Editor

Central York High School students that used to have multiple options in the cafeteria for food are now limited to fewer options. Students believe that the food this year so far has been a little lackluster and can be improved.

Students in CYHS love the cafeteria food, but there are students who also dislike the food in the cafeteria. Then there’s the median that dislikes some items and likes others. Aiden Moure a junior likes some options they have in the cafeteria. He cherishes the “chicken patty” and many others, but he avoids the “fish shapes” that the school served recently. Even though Moure enjoys the cafeteria food he believes some changes could be made regarding the different food options.

“There need’s to be more alternatives like they had in [my] freshmen year,” Moure states. 

Dayton Bagwell, a junior,  who also loves the chicken patty wants more of his favorite type of food in the cafeteria.

“I just say more chicken,” Bagwell commented. 

Kevin Eras, a junior, however, thinks that certain types of food that are served should no longer be served in the cafeteria.

“Do not serve fish,” Eras said.

Other than the few comments the boys gave to improve the lunch options, they also suggested different types of new food. The new food ranges from upgrading classics to new types of food. 

Eras believe that there should be “calzones” as a main or side dish. Bagwell thinks the district should make a revised “thicker” chicken patty all while keeping the original one there in lines at all times. Moure also suggested that “wings” which could be barbeque or a classic spicy flavor, should be an alternative.

Even with all these new possibilities for food options, they may not be able to give the students what they want for a while. The schools in our district are right now facing a food shortage, which is being caused by COVID-19. However, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

COVID-19 is not the only reason for this shortage. CYHS is facing a staff shortage in the cafeteria as well. There aren’t enough chefs or prep cooks to keep up with the demands in the cafeteria. Imagine if the staff had to prepare and make calzones or wings; they wouldn’t have enough time to do it.

Next year, however, be prepared for the possibility that these suggested food items make an entrance in the cafeteria. With hope that the supply chain industry recovers, is a chance the options in the cafeteria will recover too.