Serena Williams finally waves goodbye

Serena Williams, arguably the greatest women’s tennis player, retired Sep. 2 after her third-round loss to Alija Tomljanović at the US Open. 

Williams retires with 858 total single wins and 156 losses in her career; she had 192 doubles wins and 35. Williams’ career earnings topped 94.8 million dollars from 73 single title wins and 23 double title wins. 

Throughout her 27 years-long career, she has had 11 top five rankings. Williams had seven Australian Open titles, three Roland Garros titles, seven Wimbledon titles, and six US Open titles. 

Williams finally waved goodbye Sep. 2 after losing the third-round match against Tomljanović. 

Williams when asked if there is still more “wiggle” room and if she’ll come back, replied with all smiles and said, “I’m ready to be a mom and explore a different version of Serena, and technically in the world I’m still super young, so I want to like have a little bit of a life while I’m still walking.”

People believe that William’s talent helped younger generations of girl tennis players and young girls pursue their dreams. Many commercials that star Williams are talking about how girls need to follow their dreams. A new Nike advertisement celebrates girl power that stars Williams, according to Cable News Network (CNN) Business.

Williams changed the way tennis is played by the players. She made it normal to see a more powerful style come from female players and to see more Black and biracial American players finish within the top ten.

“Serena Williams has made an impact on me as a tennis player. I always watched how hard she served and always strived to have hard serves like that,“ Cammble Sterner stated when asked about the impact. 

Even though Williams made a huge impact in the female tennis game, she also made a bigger impact on young girls trying to pursue their future dreams outside the world of tennis.

“Serena Williams gave young girls the courage to step up and pursue their dreams.“ Sterner stated when asked about the impact of William’s career outside of tennis.

Williams impacted female tennis but also future generations of females not only throughout the nation but throughout the world, helping girls pursue their futures.

Serena Williams waving goodbye to all her fans as she finally retires after 27 years of playing pro tennis.
Photo by: Matthew Stockman-Getty Images