Rained on parade

Aaron Lecorchick, Editor

The fourth annual Hoco parade was supposed to be held Thursday Oct. 13, 2022, at the high school, which would’ve included kids and families throughout the district. However the storms in the area didn’t allow the event to transpire.

In the days leading up to the parade, it was canceled. Many different people worked on this parade and put in tons of time and effort in order to make it enjoyable for everyone. For it to get canceled left many different emotions of frustration throughout the school. 

“It’s very disappointing because we put in a lot of time and money into buying candy and decorations for the parade, and now we don’t even get to put together the floats,” said junior student council member Anna Gates.

The first ever homecoming parade preparation only started about four weeks beforehand. In an effort to make the parade better each year, planning takes time and dedication. The process 4 years later has evolved.

“About two weeks after the parade ends we’re gonna start planning for the next one,” said Principal Gerald Eisner. 

The whole year is used for planning this parade and starting to bring in money for it. 

“Now there are so many district entities involved in it is kinda becoming a district wide parade…So we start the fundraising piece looking for sponsors… we have a lot of people that are great sponsors that give a lot of money to help us put this on,” said Eisner.

 Meetings are held each month to discuss what worked and what didn’t work from the previous parade to make changes to the next one. 

“Our maintenance department and custodial staff come in and set up the trash cans, they set up the barricades with us and they help set up the stands to help identify which group is where. Our director of security does all of the parking. So where are we gonna put all of these people?… were designing all of this during the meetings,” said Eisner.

Eisner disappointedly predicted the parade being canceled because of the forecast earlier in the week. It can’t be rescheduled due to a variety of reasons.

“A lot of rain and high winds, when you’re building a bonfire, rain and high winds are not good. Plus nobody wants to be in the pouring down rain and miserable. The unfortunate part is these food trucks are so booked up we can’t even move it… because we have all the athletic events.. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is,” said Eisner.

Last year’s homecoming court riding in their float during the parade.
(Photo by Philip Savard.)