TRUTH Social: the next Facebook?



Previews of TRUTH Social provided by the respective page on the Apple App Store.

Jayden Burnside, Editor

Ever since the January attack on the United States, Former President Donald Trump has had less and less of a social media influence. This has partially been because of his actions. Just recently, however, Trump has made many references about starting his own social media platform.

Many social media sites have disabled Trump from using their sites. Twitter has even gone as far as to ban him from the platform entirely. Trump has tried to work around the ban through a special blog site. Here, users could take messages Trump posted and share them directly to Twitter. This was quickly taken down though.

More recently, Trump has had other ideas in mind. He partnered with another large organization known as the Digital World Acquisition Corporation. They combined this past February to create the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG). Their goal is to provide truthful information to those who need it.

“$293 million in trust, assuming minimal redemptions, which can fuel TMTG’s scale up, including to provide world class leading technology services to build strong and secure social networks and diverse media offerings,” said Patrick Orlando, chairman, and chief executive officer of the Digital World Acquisition Corporation.

The TMTG rose to popularity fast, with many people pledging support. It is also live on the stock market for just months. Many investors who share the same ideals as Trump have already invested hundreds into the company, despite it not producing anything at the moment.

One of the biggest goals the TMTG wants to achieve is the creation of a brand new social media platform. This would be one where Trump could say whatever he likes without being banned or disabled from the sites. 

“It will be a rival to the liberal media consortium and fight back against the Big Tech companies,” said Former President Donald Trump.

The new social media platform is called TRUTH Social and is aiming to launch its “early access phase” in the middle of November. The beta branch will only be available to select individuals who are called “invited guests,” by Trump. The finished version will be released to the public as soon as the first quarter of 2022.

“I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech. We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced,” said Trump. 

The plan for the new site is to provide the news and give people a place to talk and converse. Looking beyond the curtain, however, it seems that this site will be a way for Trump to get a voice in social media again. Ever since his ban, he has been itching to get his opinion out to the public. Only time will tell how much this site will improve Trump’s social media presence and influence on the world.