Deadly DUIs

Statistics about DUIs in America.

Kyle Johnson

Statistics about DUIs in America.

Zachariah Kessler, Staff Writer

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) affects everyone; DUI wrecks can happen to anyone at any time. In 2019, one person was killed every 52 minutes in a drunk driving crash. Additionally, 10,142 people died in drunk driving accidents, and in Pennsylvania it is 30% of traffic fatalities. Most DUIs accidents are caused by young adults.

 In 2019, the following age ranges were responsible for crashes involving intoxicated drivers. 

21-24 responsible for 27% of crashes

24-35 responsible for 25% of crashes

15-20 responsible for 24% of crashes

“To reduce alcohol-related fatal crashes among youth, all states have adopted a minimum legal drinking age of 21,” according to the United States Department of Transportation.

DUIs are easily spotted by the police. When people are intoxicated they change lanes, can’t maintain speed or go too fast and they fail to signal to other drivers. Apps like Uber and Lyft provide people a chance to make smart choices. If not careful, the first offense can carry up to $10,000 worth of fines, but for those that do get into accidents, the penalty can be much worse. Depending on the driving record, the penalty could include jail time. 

In December 1984, Vince Neal, singer of Motley Crue, was intoxicated when he lost control of his car and collided into oncoming traffic killing drummer of Hanoi Rocks, Nicholas “Razzler ” Dingley. Neal was charged with manslaughter and DUI. He was bailed for $2,500 and had to take 30 days of rehab. 

Thirty seven years later, the same problems occurred and flipped a professional football player’s world upside down. In November 2021, former Las Vegas Raider Henry Ruggs was speeding while intoxicated at 3:30am near South Rainbow Boulevard and South Spring Valley Parkway. Going 156 mph, he slammed into the back of 23 year-old Tina Tintor’s car killing her and her dog. The accident also set her car ablaze, burning her alive inside. On the same day, he was released by the Raiders. 

“The Raiders are aware of an accident involving Henry Ruggs lll that occured this morning in Las Vegas. We are devastated by the loss of life and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family. We are in the process of gathering information and will have no further comment at this time,” Said a Las Vegas Raiders spokesperson. 

His future is unknown for the NFL, but he could face up to 40 year of jail. DUIs can change a person’s world in one second. So the next time you think about driving home while intoxicated know you could kill a mother, a son, a daughter, a teacher, a grandma. Anyone.