A new contender in the Pennsylvania Senate race



Mehmet Oz is enthusiastic about his upcoming political campaign.

Jayden Burnside, Editor

When Republican Senator Patrick J. Toomey declared he was not seeking re-election, many Democrats are looking to fill the empty seat with one of their own. Meanwhile, Republicans are eager to keep the seat to themselves but they did not expect the surprise candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz to enter the ring.

Oz is a well-renowned heart surgeon, as well as a physician who runs his own television broadcast, “The Dr. Oz Show.” On the show, Oz gives medical advice and shows the effects of different treatments and regimens. He also graduated with a medical and a business degree from the University Of Pennsylvania.

The recent pandemic seems to be Oz’s main drive for joining the race. Being a medical expert, he has strong opinions on how the pandemic was handled. 

“The pandemic has been mishandled by ‘elites’ who stifled dissenting opinions, ‘mandated’ policies and closed our parks, shuttered our schools, shut down our businesses and took away our freedom,” said Oz.

The senate seat in question has belonged to the Republican Party for quite some time. Toomey, who held the seat for almost 11 years, declared he was retiring from Congress. He wanted to stay private and transparent. In congress, he just could not do that.

“I’ve made a decision, it’s not going to change, and I want everybody to know,” said Senator Toomey.

This open Senate seat has caused lots of controversies. Democrats have many candidates lined up to take on the role while Republicans have been scrambling to find a replacement after their original candidate dropped out of the scene. Oz’s presence gives the Republican party reassurance, as he is a popular name that most people know.

“My most important goal is to keep this seat in Republican hands come 2022, and I believe Dr. Oz’s entry into the race gives us a significant opportunity to do that,” said Sam DeMarco III, Republican Chairman of Allegheny County.

Oz has had some controversies himself since announcing his candidacy. His stances against the “elites” make many wealthy voters and congressmen dislike him. On top of that, many have exposed his housing situation. In order to run for Senate, you must be living in the state you want to represent. While his permanent residence is in New Jersey, Oz is claiming he lives at his mother-in-law’s house in Mongomery County. 

“Being a newcomer, I don’t think that’s a drawback. Issues are what voters are looking for,” said Pat Poprik, the Republican Chairwoman of Bucks County.

Despite all this, Oz is still optimistic. This could be a safe way to keep the Senate seat for Republicans, as well as fighting for what he believes in.