Six new events see Olympic action for first time

Novalea Verno, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Mixed team snowboard cross competitors have the challenge of showing off their cool tricks while racing against their competition. (OWIA)

The Olympics are a time for athletes all over the world to come together in a show of patriotism and showmanship. The games host over 400 events spreading across 35 different sports. For 2022, six new events were added to the schedule.


Freeski Big Air:

The Freeski big air is a new event for both men and women that will start Feb. 3. This event features a ski slope with one large jump where competitors have three attempts to show off their best skills. Each attempt must feature a new trick. The best two tries will go towards the individual’s overall score.


Women’s Monobob:

The Women’s monobob is a new female-only sport. This event is a new version of the fan-favorite bobsled event. In the monobob, each athlete races through a track competing for the fastest time. Each sled is controlled by one athlete and unlike the other bobsled events, each athlete competes using identical sleds. This event will start on Feb. 10.


Mixed Team Snowboard Cross:

In this new snowboarding program, one man and one woman from each country are paired together to compete in this new course. In a relay race style, all of the men competing race first to the finish line while performing tricks and then the women follow to create a staggered start. This event will start on Feb. 5.


Mixed Team Aerials:

The mixed team aerials is a new addition to the freestyle skiing program. In this event, teams of three featuring at least one man and one woman add a teamwork element to the classic freestyle skiing. Each athlete will race down a ramp to get enough speed and height to jump into a series of tricks. Individual scores will be added to a team total and the highest-scoring team will take gold. This will start on Feb. 3.


Mixed Team Short Track Relay:

In this short-track program, teams of four (two men and two women) will race in a short relay on ice. The event will start with the two women going first, skating two and a half laps each followed by the men for the same length. Then the women will complete another two laps each and the men will do the same. In total, teams will cover 2000 meters. This will kick off on Feb. 5.


Mixed Team Ski Jumping:

The mixed team ski jumping is a slightly different version of the ski jumping event. In this event, teams of four will compete with each other. Each team member will jump individually and their score will go to the team total. This event will start on Feb. 3.


Voices in the hall

By Aaron Lecorchick & Cayden Burt

“I enjoy watch[ing] snowboarding, because it’s cool watching [the athletes] do… tricks.”- Ryan Roberts, 10th Grade

“I think the snowboarding and skiing is interesting, it’s… action-packed rather than curling or something like that, [which is] not very fun to watch.”- Braden Dacheux, 10th Grade

“I watch [the Olympics] because you get to support your country. The whole world goes against each other and I think it’s cool [to come together].”- Damare Hawkins, 9th Grade

“[I watch the Olympics] occasionally. I find it fun to see the best of the best compete.” -Elijah Alexander, 10th Grade

“Snowboarding [is] my favorite event because I like watching it and doing it.”- Alex Wills, 10th Grade