Students get familiar with Coast Guard


Photo taken by Justin Sloan.

The Coast Guard has served in all of America’s wars and foreign affairs.

Chase Brosend, Editor

U.S. Coast Guard recruiter visited school during all lunch periods Wednesday, Sept.7, to inform and encourage students to think about joining the family. 

Throughout the span of the four lunch periods, kids spilled in and out taking visits to the table asking questions. 

“My main goal is to introduce the Coast Guard and give people another option for when they get out of high school. They don’t have to just rely on the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines; they also have the Coast Guard as an opportunity for them,” Recruiter Jonnatan A. Correal stated before lunch began. 

Correal, who served five years in the Navy and spent the last ten in the Coast Guard, was the one recruiter present. This being his first year recruiting, Correal was ready to inform kids about all of the benefits that come with joining the Coast Guard. He was happy to answer anyones question. However, upperclassmen were the main focus today. 

“In the school, we are trying to reach everyone. Our main focus is on juniors and seniors because they’re the ones we can start working with. But I’ve gone to high schools and only talked to 9th graders to give them an option and make them start thinking,” Correal remarked.

Even though there wasn’t a lengthy line to visit the desk, many variations of groups and individuals stopped by to listen. Those who were interested got the chance to educate themselves on what the Coast Guard really is, as well as students that have never given a thought about it before. 

“I’d say the Coast Guard is pretty interesting because I love boats and Marine travel, so being able to do that would be great,” said sophomore Om Jethwa. 

Having a recruiter present is an entirely different concept than just sending out an email about joining the Coast Guard. Those who took advantage of this opportunity had the chance to meet a real member face-to-face. 

“He talked and communicated to us clearly. Most people don’t even check their email, so him coming in made it easier for me to learn about it,” Jethwa commented.

A number of students left the cafeteria with more knowledge about this branch of service, as well as a new career opportunity for after high school. A recruiter will be back next year to reach new kids and find new members. In the meantime, everyone interested can visit their website. According to Correal, it’s a great team to be a part of, as he loves the Coast Guard and encourages more people to join.