Season opener packs gym


Photo submitted by Aaron Lecorchick.

Students in the bleachers await the start of the game.

Aaron Lecorchick, Editor

The girls volleyball team took on Red Lion at home Sept. 6th, 2022. The fans showed out to support the girls making for a spirit-filled season opener.

“I just love everything about the sport of volleyball. It’s a fun game to play and a fun game too,” said junior Ryan Roberts. 

The crowd is made up of exceptionally passionate fans, which consists of teachers, parents and students who made the game enjoyable for everyone. The students really get into the game by screaming and shouting to show their support and pride for the girls. When a big play was made the students would rise up off the bleachers in excitement. 

“The atmosphere was very energetic and lively. There were a decent amount of people. The energy is getting carried onto the court which allows the girls to play with more energy, “ said Roberts.

The crowd support, noise and involvement in the game made an environment where the players were pleased to compete in for the first game of the season.

“The fans were good and made a lot of noise that I liked. Also they gave the team a lot of energy on the court,” said varsity player and junior Eleena Basile.

The home fans also had an effect on not only on the emotions of the game and how fun it was, but also on the game itself. Fans brought nothing but encouragement to the Panthers. On the other hand, the Lions heard it from the home faithful every mistake that was made.

“By keeping our energy up, [the support] really helped us [to] be able to perform well the whole length of the game. The Red Lion servers were struggling to serve when the fans got real loud right when they were hitting the ball,” said Basile.

The Panthers clawed their way to a close hard fought victory, defeating the Lions 3-2, to start the young season at 1-0.