Attacking challenges head on in new school


Cayden Burt, Author

Adapting to a new school is difficult, even for a teacher. Daniel Smith, one of three new history teachers this year, is finding that out. 

“Adaption takes place every day in all the conversations I have with students and with fellow staff. Adapting is a process. It’s quick, but it’s also slow. It’s funny; it’s something that you just do without really thinking about it,” Smith goes on to say.

Students have said that Smith has been having a smooth transition into this new atmosphere.

“I think he has been doing good at keeping students straight and keeping them focused. Sometimes students talk a lot and that’s the only thing, but other than that the students have been helping him with his adaption to this school,” says student Robert Pena.

Smith has heard that this change would be difficult for him, but he has not experienced any difficulties with his new experience.

“A lot of people told me that it was going to be hard to adapt to because the school I came from had a graduating class of 65 students, but to be honest, I have yet to meet someone who wasn’t kind, thoughtful and willing to lend a helping hand. This was really easy to adapt to,” Smith says.

There are many changes Smith goes through while completely switching states for a new school. He just has to find his groove and get used to it.

“I feel like I’m still me, but I am learning about students. That is the fun part about it,” said Smith.

Coming to a new school his methods stay the same but he still has to read his classes to find the best style.

“I’ve got my tried and true methods that I love. I always like it when kids are laughing in my class, then I know we’re having a good time. You got to try new stuff every once in a while because if it’s boring for you, it’s boring for your students,” said Smith.

A positive effect about coming to a new school and setting is being able to bring previous experiences with you.

“I have six years of experience with lots of students in a very different setting. All of those experiences make me who I am and that comes with me through this door every day,” Smith adds.

Making a big change like this is not always the best thing for you, but sometimes it is the best option possible.

“I think I did the right thing for myself, my family and me as a teacher. I wanted to be closer to family, and it was time for a change. You have to make changes in life, and it was time for me to make a change. We are challenged and we adapt through change and that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s not fun in the moment, but it’s a good thing,” Smith mentions.