Opportunities to plan ahead

CYHS will host a total of 29 colleges through Oct. 31, 2022, to sign up students can pick up a pass in the guidance office.

Photo by Veronica Langrehr.

CYHS will host a total of 29 colleges through Oct. 31, 2022, to sign up students can pick up a pass in the guidance office.

Veronica Langrehr, Co-Editor-in-Chief

     Junior and senior years are considered “prime time” for students considering colleges and finding ideal qualities in a university. Messiah University representatives visited the high school Sept. 8, 2022 to talk about college and the overall college search to assist students on this path. Catherine Arke and Hope Flack are both alumni of Messiah University and discussed the perks of Messiah as well as how to be successful in college. 

    “Narrowing down what you want [in a college] such as class size and location, can help with deciding,” said Flack. 

    These college visits, along with support from guidance office counselors, are to help students learn how to look for an adequate college suited for them. Through both counselors and visits , students learn where to start and get advice for applying to schools. 

    “Apply early, read directions carefully, pay attention to detail and certainly seek your counselor if you have any questions…and now that we’re past COVID-19, get out and visit, it’s so important to see the campus and meet the admissions staff,” said guidance counselor Julie Foery.

    Arke and Flack informed any interested students about campus life, majors and clubs at Messiah University. These appearances are coordinated in order to help students plan for their future. 

    “We have something to interest everyone…there are many options for clubs,” said Arke. 

    If utilized, these visits can help people narrow down their college list to learn about lifestyle and education factors. 

    “It’s a great way for students to find out more specific information about colleges they may be interested in,” said Foery. 

    While there was a low student turnout for this school, there are other colleges visiting including Howard University, Elizabethtown College, Thaddeus Stevens, Towson University and McDaniel Muhlenberg. 

    In addition to college information sessions CYHS works with eight colleges for dual enrollment opportunities: Harrisburg Area Community College, York College, Messiah University, Mansfield University, Millersville University, Penn State York, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences and Harrisburg University. These credits can be transferred for college credit and can offer a glimpse into college curriculums. 

    “Taking dual enrollment has allowed me to advance faster and experience an early university environment,” said senior Nicholas Markel. 

    These options can provide direction for seniors applying to colleges this fall and juniors considering the path they want to take.