Students show sense of fashion at Homecoming

Chase Brosend, Editor

“One change that I would make would be that I should’ve worn the cowboy hat while I was dancing, not just for pictures,” Dillon said.
(Photo submitted by Wyatt Dillon.)
“There were a lot of measurements that the owner had to do to make sure that the outfit fit perfectly,” explained Quartey. (Photo submitted by Ethan Quartey.)

Homecoming, the night for dancing, going out with friends, partying and of course dressing up. Students from all grade levels debuted their extraordinary outfits this year. 

Surely, there are many different components that go into being the “best dressed” at a dance. One qualification is uniqueness in good looking outfits, which is described as unlike anything else. Junior Wyatt Dillon showed this with a golden bow tie, suspenders and a cowboy hat to top it off. 

Dillon explained his favorite part of his outfit was, “the bow tie and my suspenders.” 

Some may think that pulling off a stunning outfit would cause lots of hassle and scrambling around to get. This wasn’t the case for Dillon as he claimed his experience purchasing the outfit was stress free. 

“I got my outfit from Kohls and Amazon. I did this because it was the easiest [option,]” explained Dillon.

Another important element of picking the snappiest dresser is without a doubt the color. This year diversity was king, and queen as suits and dresses hit all colors. One suit that popped out was sophomore Ethan Quartey’s; who had on a light blue vest and bow tie paired with a white shirt and black jacket on top. 

“My favorite part about my outfit was the [light blue] color,” Quartey stated, who then added on that he obtained many positive reactions and compliments on his suit. 

With a homecoming dance comes numerous couples. Many that go together tend to match each other’s outfits, which is exactly what seniors Asia Marquette and Dylan Gurley did. Marquette wore a sparkly purple dress, while Gurley went with an all black style with white

“I love the feathers on my dress and the color. I also am obsessed with the butterfly clips in my hair,” Marquette said. (Photo submitted by Asia Marquette.)

suspenders along with a bow tie. 

“I got lots of compliments on my dress! My little sister said it reminded her of a jellyfish; I thought that was cute,” said Marquette. 

When going with a date there’s more work involved so that the two can coordinate with each other. Marquette and Gurley were able to match without any worries at all. 

“Dylan didn’t see my dress until homecoming day. We both wanted it to be a surprise. I helped Dylan pick out his tie and overalls, he looked so cute!” Explained Marquette. 

These are just some of the many outstanding dressed students that attended the dance. However, on a night where kids dress up the best they can, these individuals demonstrated the title of “best dressed.”