Pink Panthers bring color to hallways

Pink Panthers discuss common female mental health issues during club hours.

Daphne Jennings

Pink Panthers discuss common female mental health issues during club hours.

Daphne Jennings, Author

    The arrival of the new school year brought back clubs that were previously inactive, including the Pink Panthers. The Pink Panthers, a group dedicated to the improvement of women’s mental health and representation, is looking forward to making their club anew.

    Pink Panthers originated in 2020 when a few students talked to Mrs. Shannon Reid, the club’s current advisor, about wanting to start a club focusing on the wellbeing of women. Ever since, the club has been thriving, creating traction in the Central hallways. Pink Panthers has already started planning to help out girls at the school. They plan on distributing items around school that are useful for women passing by who may need them, such as tampons and pads.

    “We brainstormed, and we ended up doing a collection among club members to gather feminine products,” said Mrs. Reid.

    Their motive is to provide comfort for women who either forget or can’t retrieve products of their own, so they supply the school with them instead.

    While Pink Panthers is primarily focused on women’s representation, it also focuses on their mental health. Students take time during club hours to write about things regarding mental health issues or their inner thoughts; however, they never have to share them.

     “We take time most meetings to journal,” said Reid.

    As a result, this creates a safe space for those within the club, allowing members to confide in each other.

    “Overall, I just want to help other people and girls in general,” said Reese Maboe, a sophomore that recently joined Pink Panthers.

    As a result of such a safe environment, it makes it where it is easy to form long-lasting friendships within the club, especially with the activities they do to grow close with one another. Simple games like would-you-rather help members get to know each other and work better as a community. 

    “It helped me be more social and meet more people,” said Maboe.

    Pink Panthers plan on searching for organizations or charities so they can do charity work. Furthermore, the club hopes on creating a bank account, so they can receive donations from those in the school for supplies. Even though the year just began, the Pink Panthers are already excited to support one another and contribute to our school community.

    “I want to become more confident and help make others confident,” said Maboe.