New artist hits the scene

Braydon Corter performs for the filming of the music video for his song “MOTIONS”

Photo by Thomas Duffy

Braydon Corter performs for the filming of the music video for his song “MOTIONS”

Devon Marsh, Author

    Every year, new artists break into the music industry. This year, Central’s own, senior Braydon Corter, has just started to crack the surface. 

    As BR4Y0THEB4BY, his audience has amounted to 13,176 monthly listeners on Spotify, a free and premium music and podcast platform.

    “Honestly, it doesn’t even feel real. I see the numbers and just see numbers. I’m just chilling, doing every day stuff but the numbers just happen to keep going up,” said Corter.

    He’s been making music since his freshman year which has allowed him to learn and sharpen his craft.

    “It was a little bit of learning it myself. I started watching interviews with different artists and would take what they would say and try to apply it to myself and my music. I’ve always been independent and in my own lane,” expressed Corter.

    While learning many styles and sounds, he has figured out essential concepts that have propelled his music in the right direction.

    “Take your time. Quality over quantity is a big thing in music. A lot of people rush their stuff and drop 10 songs a night, which is something I used to do, but I learned to take time with your craft,” stated Corter.

    His friend, Junior Aiden Swartz has seen first hand the work Corter has put into his music career.

    “Whenever he is working on his music you can tell that he is serious about making a career out of it,” expressed Swartz.

    There are many opportunities within music that allows Corter to set some goals that he wants to achieve.

   “I definitely want to perform at a live show for sure. I want to collab with bigger artists. Not super big, but just bigger,” said Corter.

   He is constantly working on his music and is planning to come out with new stuff.

   “I’m going to drop an EP [extended play], maybe like 5-6 songs, within the next month or so. And a new music video coming soon hopefully,” stated Corter.

    He has a long road ahead of him. At some point, he wants to be able to make a living off of his music. 

   But for now, he has to sustain a consistent work ethic and let the future play out.