Course selections right around corner

Course selections right around corner

Nathan Trimmer, Adviser


Course Selection has begun for students at Central York High School. All ninth, tenth and eleventh graders are encouraged to meet with their teachers to discuss potential course selections for the upcoming school year. 

Students can find the list of courses on the course selection guide located in the YouGotit! email from Dr. Czarnecki sent Monday, Jan. 30. 

“I had to meet with my english teacher from the first semester to see if Honors English II was going to be the best fit for me,” said one freshman student. 

All students are required to have a minimum of 28 credits by graduation (8 credits per academic year). According to the Course Selection Reference Sheet, the following credits are required to be eligible for graduation: Language Arts (4), Math (3), Social Studies (3), Science (3), Health & PE(2), Electives (13).

Students will formally select their schedules in April.