Pentagon tracing suspected Chinese spy balloon in U.S. sky’s

Aaron Lecorchick, Editor

The U.S. is tracking a suspected Chinese surveillance air balloon that is hovering over the U.S. The government has been tracking this balloon over the past couple of days.

“We are confident that this high-altitude surveillance balloon belongs to the [Chinese],” said the senior defense official. 

 As the balloon passed over the northern U.S. the government was able to determine the balloon doesn’t pose a threat to the people on the ground, because it is above commercial air traffic . The Air Force F-22 raptor was engaged and ready to shoot down the balloon, but due to possible debris raining down on the people under it posed a safety threat resulting in the decision not to shoot it.

China said that the suspected balloon over the U.S. was blown off its course and is being used for weather research. The balloon has been spotted near Billings, MT roughly 6,000 miles from China. Also, Canada explained it was monitoring a possible second incident relating to the balloon.