Freshman and Sophomores Fundraising for their Prom.


Photo submitted by Charlotte Utter

Utter explained that the fundraiser might not gather as much money as they hope but anything will help.

Cecilia Carrero, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This month the sophomores are doing a sub fundraiser and in April the freshman will be doing one. All the fundraisers are to raise money for their prom. Every year each class has to do a fundraiser to raise money so that by their senior year they have money for prom. It takes a lot of money to put a dance together so the students raise money to make their prom amazing. 

“The goal is to get a couple thousand dollars earned each year to be ready for prom,” said freshman class advisor Charlotte Utter. 

This month the freshman are doing a restaurant fundraiser at Issac’s. This the more fundraisers they do the more money will go towards their prom so they do a couple fundraisers a year.