California experiencing strange weather


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Snow was falling as low as 1,000 ft. in elevation.

Veronica Langrehr, Co-Editor-in-Chief

    Across southern California cities are facing atypical weather, leaving residents confused. While in Pennsylvania we are used to snow, this is strange weather for areas like Los Angeles (LA) and San Diego. 

    “This is probably the strangest winter we’ve had yet,” said Mindy Kelley, a resident in Palm Springs for 25 years. “The chill and the winds together aren’t like anything we’ve felt here that I can remember.” 

    Southern California has a variety of geography, there are mountains, deserts and coastal areas. The mountainous regions are under a blizzard warning because of high winds; weather channels report a possibility for downed trees and power lines. 


This depicts an easy understanding of the unusual colder temperatures in California. (Photo from

On top of the snow, LA beaches have been closed due to excessive lightning and there has been a total of 67.16 inches of rainfall in the southern area as of Sunday Feb. 26.