Beloved coach gone, but not forgotten

“He had a very unique sense of humor which allowed all players to have a personal connection to him,” said Roberts.

Photo by Dawn J. Sagert

“He had a very unique sense of humor which allowed all players to have a personal connection to him,” said Roberts.

Chase Brosend, Editor

    Recently, the Central York Boys Volleyball community lost one of the most successful and loved coaches to step foot into a gym. Coach Todd Goodling has been involved in the program for nearly 40 years. For a man who knew and coached so many different athletes, he made a point to form a personal connection with every single one of them.

    “Todd’s contributions go further than wins and losses. He helped continue and foster a culture of gratitude, humility, respect and selflessness. He educated class after class on the history of CYVB (Central York Boys Volleyball). He made the experience playing in a Central York uniform a special one,” said current assistant coach and former player of Goodling, coach John Feldmann. 

   Under the contributions of Goodling, the team has been one of the most successful programs in the county, state and even nationally. They have, on numerous occasions appeared in county, district and state championships. Goodling would always preach that the goal wasn’t to just beat up local teams, but be able to compete with any team in the state and country. 

    “Todd strived for CY volleyball teams to be the best that they could possibly be. He approached everything with that mindset. It is a waste of time and effort to just go through the motions of things without a clear purpose,” said Feldmann. 

    Goodling always held his teams to high expectations only because he knew they were capable of so much. 

    “With those standards also came a well executed process, and strategy to help them get there, and meet or exceed the standard set,” said Feldmann. 

    Aside from volleyball, Goodling always made it a point to teach his young players respect. He would always make his athletes clean their rooms after traveling, pick up all of their trash and tip waiters and waitresses. In addition to this, he made sure to equip his high schoolers with proper manners and polite attitudes. 

    “It’s little things like that which add up and make someone’s day just a little easier,” said senior setter Devon Marsh. 

    Goodling was a leader that formed bonds with all of his players that he got to know. He gained lots of respect from his own players, opposing teams and coaches around the state. 

    “I grew so close to him because everything he said was right. Everything he said had logic behind it. He’s just a lovable guy and once he opens up you never stop smiling with him,” Marsh stated. 

    Going into the 2023 season, the team will uphold the culture and foundation Goodling has built the program around. Individuals of the team will have to put team needs over their own and do everything in their power to succeed. 

    “Todd would want this group to fully commit to ‘trying to win a state championship’ which is always more important than actually winning one,” Feldmann added. 

   Goodling would make sure he had his team together as much as possible, performing to get better. This involved weight lifting opportunities, open gyms as well as tournaments. The preparations he took for the season were always well planned out, everything he did was for a purpose and he did it with enjoyment. 

    “I am going to miss talking to him at lift’s because he always had something funny to say,” junior Logan Fontes said. 

    This admired coach will surely be missed by everyone who had the pleasure to be involved in his life. Goodling was described by junior Ryan Roberts as the best leader and one of the most humble individuals he had ever met. This season the team will have to go through their journey without the leader who taught them everything they know about volleyball and who was always there for them. The program would like to thank Goodling for the all of his many contributions he put forth to the CYBV community. 


Current and former players gathering together in a circle during coach Goodlings ‘Celebration of Life’ ceremony Feb. 5, 2023. (Photo by Chase Brosend. )

“He was a great coach and even better man,” Feldman mentioned.