Central York High School gains four new teachers

Tysha Burrell, Editor

Ms. Kara Emig is a family science teacher. She believes that everyone should be required to take the class because it valuable skills.

While it is her first year working at Central York High School, she previously taught at Oxford High School.

Prior to her arrival, she has been teaching Foods I, II and III. Ms. Emig came to Central because of “great reputation” and a shorter commute. She received her high school diploma from Dallastown High School.

Emig does a lot of things outside of teaching. She referees field hockey year around, sews, crochets and beading.

Major Mark Sargent is the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor for the JROTC program.

While it is his first time teaching aerospace science, he was a teacher in Florida where he taught math and English. He said that he chose to teach at Central York School District because it is a good area.

Katherine Bollinger, a junior and JROTC student, says that she enjoys being taught by him and is glad that he transferred here.

Mrs. Nicole Zeigler currently teaches biology. Before coming to Central, she taught at Anne Arundel High School in Maryland. Along with regular biology, she has taught marine biology and forensics.

Mrs. Zeigler stated that the students are respectful to her and that for the most part, she has not had any trouble so far.

She came to Central because she liked the idea of how we use technology in the classroom. In her free time she enjoys playing board games, hiking, kayaking and spending time with her family.

Ms. Tanya Garvick is a geometry teacher. She graduated from Spring Grove and received her degree at York College. Having previously taught at Spring Grove, she says that our block scheduling is different because it feels like the year is almost over.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, golfing and spending time with family. She chose teaching as her major because in college, she would help others with their homework.

She says it a great experience when a struggling student gets an “aha moment” after the information clicks.