Teachers explain freshman program: MESH

Genesis Glover, Staff Writer

The MESH program is one of the newer academic programs at Central York High school. MESH was first offered in the 2018-2019 school year and was offered again this school year. MESH stands for math, English, science, and history, and it’s for freshmen to help them transition into the high school.

The program can be joined by any ninth grader but some students are selected. Ninth grade teachers have noticed that some ninth graders coming into the high school have trouble academically. One MESH teacher, Dr. Lisa Turner, help spearhead the program.

“For years ninth grade teachers have been talking about this problem so we decided to become part of the solution, and put together something that would help transition students into the high school a little better,” Dr. Turner said.

MESH is a full-year program, but the students still take their electives. At first, the students in MESH visit all four of the core class in one day, then closer to the end of the school year the students will visit two core classes just like a regular schedule.

“What we try to do is they [the students] see us everyday in the beginning of the year and by fourth marking period they’re doing the A/B schedule, which is more similar to a normal high school schedule,” said Dr. Turner.

Former MESH student, Tacoma Paneto-Sweitzer, liked that the MESH teachers worked together to make sure the students understood the information.

“I feel like in some normal classes they go by way to fast and they barely explain things to us than [compared to] what they would have in MESH,” Panto-Sweitzer said.

Many MESH students enjoyed how they learned in the program and find it easier to deal with their regular classes now. Many students would also take MESH again if it was an option again.

“If they did have MESH for tenth grade, I would take it,” Panto-Sweitzer said.