A play-by-play on Central’s 2019 homecoming game

Tysha Burrell, Editor

The Central York homecoming game is one of the most anticipated games of the year. While many people came to watch the game, there were lots of others who came to show support for the homecoming court.

Before the night even started, the Central York Marching Band marched into the stadium with their instruments blaring to get the crowd riled up.

The event started off with homecoming court introductions while finalists rode down the track in pickup trucks. Shortly after the king and queen were announced, the stadium was filled with cheering and clapping. The two, Chikadibia Emeribenini and Geovon Wray, made Central York High School history. It was the first time that the king and queen were both black.

The game started shortly after the announcement.

The panthers football team kicked off against neighborhood rival Northeastern Bobcats and won by 50 points. By the time halftime came around, our varsity team had 43 points and Northeastern had not yet scored.

When the game continued, Northeastern scored its first and only touchdown of the night. On the other hand, our varsity team scored a touchdown in the third quarter, and again in the fourth.

The game ended with a blowout, Central winning 57- 7; Another victory for the varsity Central York football team.

When the game was over, Central’s band came out to perform their show “The Greatest Showman.” The performance included popular songs like “Never Enough.” While the performance lasted around 12 minutes, they did not stop there.

The percussion continued their show outside of the varsity football locker room. Central families stayed and celebrated the win alongside them.

With two more games until the end of the regular season, the football team, as well as the rest of the district, are excited to see what will come next.