Tom Steyer is the outsider hoping to take on Trump

Ava Juiliano, Staff Writer

Tom Steyer is an American Billionaire, hedge fund manager, environmentalist, and liberal activist. Born on June 27, 1957, he grew up in Manhattan, New York, and attended the Buckley School and Phillips Exeter Academy and graduated at Yale University. At college he  studied economics and political science. Steyer is currently in the Political Debate for the Election in 2020. 

Steyer’s father, Jim Steyer, is Jewish, and his mother is Episcopalian. He has one brother, Jim Steyer, who is head of his firm called, Trusts & Estates. Steyer claims that he is very dedicated to improving media and entertainment lives for children and families. Steyer was highly influenced by his mother, who would sometimes bring him to class as her teaching assistant when he was little. 

Farallon Capital Management, is an American investment that manages on behalf of institutions and individuals. It was founded by Steyer in January 1986, and raised over $15 million. Steyer became well known for investing and it became one of his great strengths.

 In October 2012, Steyer stepped down from his position at Farallon Capital Management in order to focus on alternative energy. He decided to dispose carbon-polluting investments in 2012. However, critics say he did not dispose of them quickly enough and noted that the lifespan of the facilities he funded would extend through 2030. 

He discussed some of the issues of immigration, reparations, and healthcare, and how he would address them on CBSN News. One of Steyer’s main primary campaign topics revolves around the path to legal citizenship. 

“We need to separate it into the 11 million people who have been here and part of society for a long time, and get comprense, to put them on a path of citizenship.” 

He believes that Americans continue to confusing the people who are coming with the people who have been here for a long time. He believes by looking at immigration, you can only see a failed government, because they are not taking the right actions to control the situation. Steyer blames past president as the root of the problem regarding racism. 

“The U.S. needs to address centuries of injustice.”

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