Julián Castro plans to put the people first

Jadeyn Higgins, Editor

Julian Castro is one of the 16 candidates running for President of the United States. Castro is 44 years of age and his hometown is San Antonio, Texas. He is running as a Democratic candidate. 

Castro has had past political experience in his previous jobs. From 2009 to 2014 Castro was the Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and he was the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 2014 to 2017, under former President Barack Obama. 

His campaign is largely focusing on immigration.

On Twitter Castro said, “At Trump’s direction, more than 1,200 children were orphaned at our border—far worse than previously thought. I put forward a plan to permanently end family separation by repealing a racist law that has been used to attack immigrants for nearly a century.” 

His immigration plan was one of the earliest and most detailed plans in the Democratic field. It states that crossing the border illegally would be considered a civil offense, and it would no longer be a criminal offense. Castro also has created plans for issues such as climate change, immigration, education, housing and more. 

If Castro gets past primaries and is elected into office, he plans on making education more accessible and successful. Castro’s education plan includes universal Pre-K and the proposal would also include training and educating Pre-K teachers. 

For high schools, Castro would provide a $150-billion investment in modernization of these buildings. He also wants to ensure that all high school graduates end with one college credit. 

Castro would also eliminate tuition at public universities, colleges and vocational schools. He is reimagining how student’s loans are financed for existing debts in college. Lastly, he would provide federal tax credit for teachers. 

As President, Castro also promises that as his first official act he will recommit the United States to the Paris Climate agreement and assemble world leaders to negotiate a stronger agreement to fight against the climate crisis. He is committed to reaching a net-zero carbon emissions in the United States by 2045, and then worldwide before 2050. 

Castro is also committed to take many other precautions to prevent global warming. This includes strategies of implementing a zero-emission building standard for new construction after 2030, significantly increasing the investment in research and development of clean technology and initiating programs to support exports of American clean manufacturing and technology around the globe.

Castro also believes in equality for all. 

On Twitter Castro said, “There’s no reason in 2019 that a woman should make less than a man for the same work. I will fight for the rights of women and girls—including equal pay— and for them to make decisions about their own bodies.”

He has made a plan to achieve LGBTQ equality and equality for people with disabilities. Castro is trying to make sure no one is discriminated against in everyday things like employment, housing and public accommodations. For more information visit JulianCastro.com.