#YangGang: Entreprenuer turned Democratic candidate

Sydney Koncsol, Staff Writer

Andrew Yang is not your typical presidential hopeful. His background is one thing that sets him apart, but his beliefs further prove his difference from his fellow Democratic candidates.

Yang has been running on a platform of three main topics: the Freedom Dividend, Medicare for All, and Human-Centered Capitalism. His central policy is the Freedom Dividend.

Yang explains the Freedom Dividend to be “a Universal Basic Income of $1,000/month, $12,000 a year, for every American adult over the age of 18.”

He says that this would be beneficial for Americans because it would give some of them the ability to pay bills, take care of any extra expenses, and save money. Additionally, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) of this amount would permanently grow the economy, and ultimately, create more job opportunities for the people of the United States.

Yang also focuses on Medicare for All and Human-Centered Capitalism. 

His medicare beliefs expand on the policy former president Barack Obama implemented in March of 2010, the Affordable Care Act. Yang believes that this was a step in the right direction, but that providing medical insurance to all Americans through the same system would be better for both the treatment of patients and the economy.

Human-Centered Capitalism revolves around three points which Yang sums up as “1. Humans are more important than money 2. The unit of Human-Centered Capitalism is each person, not each other 3. Markets exist to serve our common goals and values.”

Overall, this concept would ensure that each citizen is served by the market rather than the market overcharging for items a person may be desperately in need of.

Aside from his main platform, Yang has spoken out on many other issues that have been on the forefront of America’s mind, such as gun control, climate change, and immigration. 

On the topic of gun control, Yang says that he understands that it is a Second Amendment right. He does not want to completely get rid of guns, but rather put education and licensing requirements in place and ban the most dangerous weapons.

Regarding climate change, Yang has already drawn up a tentative plan of action and funding.

Yang claims, Climate change is an existential threat, and we need to recognize that we’re already living through the negative effects.”

 He recognizes that this is a huge issue that not just our country, but the world is facing, and we need to start making some changes. He believes that his plan may be one step in the right direction.

He acknowledges that there is a problem at the border but that it needs to be handled in a way that will benefit current U.S. citizens and hopeful immigrants alike.

We need to enforce the border. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike agree that this is a pressing need for the good of both citizens and those who wish to come here.  Though there are new technologies that could help, the best approaches are to do what we are currently doing better with more resources.”

Yang is also a man of the people. His campaign has been heavily involved with American citizens both in person and behind screens. Recently, he did a ten hour livestream on Reddit,Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that answered questions anyone may have about anything and everything, from his campaign strategy to his anime interests.

Overall, Yang may not win the primaries, but he shows potential as a presidential candidate for another election in the future.