Amy Klobuchar: Past, present, platform

Jack Smith, Staff Writer

As the primary elections inch closer, different candidates have come to more relevance. Of these upcoming candidates, one in particular, Amy Kolbuchar, looks like she could be a real threat to not only be voted into the democratic party as a candidate for president but also a real threat to Donald Trump. 

Klobuchar is a Democractic Senator from Minnesota and is currently serving her third term after being re-elected in 2018. Klobuchar grew up in Minnesota and attended highschool at Wayzata High School in Plymouth, Minn. where she was the Valedictorian as well. 

After high school, Klobuchar attended Yale University and received a bachelor’s degree in political science. Next, she attended the University of Chicago Law and earned her degree to become an attorney. After college, she worked for two law firms and then eventually ran for and became Hennepin County’s attorney general in 1988. In 2006, she was elected as the first female senator of Minnesota.  

Klobuchar holds strong beliefs involving military, health care, legalizing recreational marijuana and especially voting. 

Klobuchar addressed her feelings towards Florida temporarily blocking the restriction for voting of ex-felons on Twitter.

“Suppressing the vote is un-American. This temporary block should be permanent.”  she said.

Klobuchar strongly believes in an end to the death penalty. She has sided to abolish it and stuck with that throughout her early campaign. She would like to reform the reducing of cash bail. She has also decided she would like to eliminate the minimum sentence reform which reduced a minimum amount of time those involved in drug crimes and veterans would have to spend in jail. 

A popular move that Klobuchar has chosen if she were to become president is a push for minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour. She also supports broad paid family and medical leave plans. This means full compensation would be paid while someone has to take time off of work for a newborn baby or a close family member becoming sick. 

In terms of elections, Klobuchar has said she is in favor of mandating paper elections, limiting the amount of money spent on campaigns and she believes that the electoral college should be eliminated. Putting a limit on the amount of money being able to be spent on campaigns would make elections more fair because some candidates with more money are able to use it to influence votes. 

Klobuchar is a supporter of nuclear power, but she would look to end new oil and gas leases on federal land and offshore drilling. She also would pay farmers to adopt climate friendly practices. This would help stop food shortages because farming would become easier to do in better conditions. 

If Klobuchar were to become president, she would legalize recreational marijuana and she would tax it. She looks at it as a product that can be used for revenue and businesses can be built around it. She would also make sure there would be banking access for marijuana firms. 

Klobuchar looks to make many changes in the United States if she were to become president. She looks to take her place in office and impact the country very positively from the jump.  

As her slogan says, “Let’s get to work,” Amy Klobuchar believes she is the best for the nomination, for more information, visit Amy Klobuchar’s campaigning website.