Another No-Snow Christmas

Weather for the week of Christmas. 
Photo Credit Weather App

Weather for the week of Christmas. Photo Credit Weather App

Jake Rahilly, Staff Writer

Only 3 days until Christmas!  The Christmas season is in and millions of people have begun to fulfill the Christmas spirit by decorating their homes, buying clothing and engaging in holiday festive activities, but there are some questions “Where is the snow? When do we need it? Does snow make Christmas, Christmas?”

“I feel like [snow] brings the spirit for Christmas,” says senior Miguel Soriano.

“You see snow falling in many movies such as Charlie Brown Christmas, showing the snow falling in the background as they sing their Christmas carols,” he adds.

“I’m getting nervous for Christmas 2021, I really hope it snows,” says Haley Sechrist. “I know a few flurries are coming but will it be enough to layer it enough to look nice for Christmas.” 

With past Christmas weather forecasts reaching the 60s (2016), 0.3 inches of snow in 2017, and “no-snow”s in 2018, 2019, 2020, the prediction for Christmas 2021 is another “no-snow,” according to the National Weather Service.

“I feel sad because it won’t feel like Christmas. It will look bad outside,” says sophomore, Alison Tomes.

Another upset CYHS student Morgan Hoch says that she had hoped

to go sledding with her brothers. She shares that some of her valuable childhood memories are during the holiday season, she recalls with snow falling in the background enjoying family time.

“It’s just like last year, another snowless winter, ugh,” Hoch exclaims. 

According to Vox, online news media, Hallmark Christmas-themed movies illustrate the snow because it gives the togetherness, warmness and wintery feeling. Hallmark movies played around the Christmas season and placed in the top 10  movies of the season based on key demographics during the holiday season. The Christmas movies are nearing 90 million viewers by the end of 2021.

Hallmark movie writers say that Christmas movies have rules, stating,

“The first rule is snow,” some of the conflicts are the fear of no snow, and that there must be snow for the films.

“There can not be the fear of no snow,” a Hallmark writer adds, adding that for the movies finding the actor or actress is vital, but the snow is the big deal.

Critics say for classic films such as It’s a Wonderful Life, “Snow is crucial, but makes beautiful scenery,” remarks the writers. 

Despite the prediction of a no-snow, the Christmas spirit will be reflecting across the citizens of York.